‘Dripping Blood’ Nails with OPI

Hey again guys,

Here’s another spooky nail art design for Halloween!

This one is super simple and easy to DIY as you just need a nude base colour like Pale to the Chief by OPI and your sassiest red for the dripping blood – I used Relentless Ruby by OPI.

So I’ve seen this style done with dripping blood on all of the nails but being super original (or super lazy… I decided to just make my thumb and ring fingernails the accent nails partly just because I love this shade of red polish so much!

So step by step: 

Clear base coat as always to protect the nail.

Red polish on 3 nails and nude base colour on thumb and ring fingernails.

Once dry you simply draw on the ‘blood’ to create the effect and it can take some practice but this look can be achieved with the brush itself, a dotting tool or even a toothpick if you want to be very precise.

Then I added another coat of the red polish to those nails to deepen the shade before finishing off all of the nails with a clear top-coat.

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