Four Colour Gradient Nails with OPI and WIP

Hey everyone – I’m back!

Apologies for the inactivity while I’ve been at Uni and doing my exams but Yollie’s Nail Art is now back and ready to create lots more nail art.

Here is a simple yet interesting nail art design that’s easy to recreate at home. It can be best to use a makeup sponge to get this gradient look but a spongey eyeshadow brush can also work really well when you layer up the polishes. (TIP: it’s best to wait 30-45 seconds in between the layers as you build up the colours).

On top of a base coat, I used WKD and CROWN by WIP as well as AmazON…AmazOFF and Diva of Geneva by OPI and blended them together to make this edgy design.

To blend the colours together, it’s best to work quickly and gently apply topcoat to merge the polishes together.

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