Valentine’s Pink Mix Nails with OPI and Ted Baker

Hi everyone,

Here’s a super simple nail art design to add to this Valentine’s collection. It’s really easy to do yourself but creates a cute look which is perfect for Valentine’s day.

Step by step:

  • Clear base coat to protect your nails (as always!!)
  • Once dry choose your favourite shade of pink and apply two coats to build a strong base colour. I used A-Rose at Dawn… Broke by Noon by OPI.
  • Once dry I used Spare Me a French Quarter? by OPI and Flammable by Ted Baker to create the multi-tone effect.
  • Simply brush off as much of the polish off the brush as possible and then swipe the brush across the nail in different directions.
  • Repeat as many times as you want to achieve your preferred look.
  • Before all the polish is completely dry, I used one coat of top coat to merge the shades together and add shine to the design.

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